Monday, 12 August 2013

Push that button, Share it or write about it!

How many times have you thought: why shouldn't I share this with my friends, colleagues family? They might benefit from it. I believe this is a question that is being raised by the majority of people using the internet and social media for the last decade, with an increasingly rate.

The information exchanged to and from each of us on a daily basis is enormous, via the social media websites ( twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) from desktops, laptops, tablet Pcs, smartphones. So why not to share your ideas, experience with others? Your idea can find a partner, your experience can become a target for others.

Share anything you believe that will help the people following you and you will realize that is better than keeping it only for yourself. If there is something good on your idea or experience someone will benefit and you will improve something.

Collecting your ideas, experience and expertise to a single paragraph, article or a simple paper is a great job. You note down in a structure way what seems logical, making sense to you, but at the same time you feel that it is something with value for others. it doesn't need to have big value, it only needs to have some value. For sure there is going to be audience that will read it, even once, that is something that makes sharing valuable. Communicating, transmitting information that is valuable to you, and makes sense to others as well. 

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