Saturday, 19 January 2013

Levels of work engagement

There is certainly too many levels of dedication on anything we do. Only one level of engagement almost guarantees success: it is the commitment that you can offer to a task / activity at work and this can be considered as the maximum level that someone is engaged to until the expected outcome is achieved.

Nowadays engagement levels vary from each individual according to the motives that has for fulfilling a task, the environment that (s)he is surrounded ( an older post of mine can be found here explaining the influence of the surrounding environment, almost to anything we do).

It is almost certain that when employees are fully engaged with the task, the procedures and the overall project and organization needs, there is always success, as an individual and as an organization.

The individual by dedication accumulates new levels of knowledge,  is being self trained, is becoming experienced and can be self called an "Expert". The organization gains higher level of produced work in terms of quality and quantity and this is something always desirable .

However engagement in work or on any other task that requires dedicated effort, is a significant parameter for increasing the probability of fulfilling it with success.

Multitasking is good for Processors and for machines, when comes to humans is better to have a more balanced leveling of engagement to a "process" that will require the maximum of our energy each time. Of course there can be cases that multiple tasks will need to be performed within a day or even in parallel, this is not a good practice though when there is need for engagement , the level is low.

The ability to engage yourself to specific assignments  task until completion is a good skill and a very important competence

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