Monday, 12 August 2013

Innovation, Indicators for Growth in High Tech Industry

Hopping on my twitter feed today, I came across about a web summit which is going to take place 30-31 October, on which private innovative ideas from 52 countries around the globe will be presented, (for more details you can follow the link here).

Among a lot of interesting things that someone can examine about this summit ( which is told from big companies, "an opportunity to discover the next Facebook or Twitter", is to have a look on the origin of these start-ups, in order to discover the countries presence. The leading positions for the origin of these start-ups is an interesting thing to examine, as well as the portion that specific EU countries will have on this summit. These specific countries can be the ones that are currently impacted by the financial crisis which are under special agreements (memorandums), struggling to recover from the negative growth numbers in order to achieve steady growth in the mid and long term.  These are Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece.

Push that button, Share it or write about it!

How many times have you thought: why shouldn't I share this with my friends, colleagues family? They might benefit from it. I believe this is a question that is being raised by the majority of people using the internet and social media for the last decade, with an increasingly rate.

The information exchanged to and from each of us on a daily basis is enormous, via the social media websites ( twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) from desktops, laptops, tablet Pcs, smartphones. So why not to share your ideas, experience with others? Your idea can find a partner, your experience can become a target for others.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Levels of work engagement

There is certainly too many levels of dedication on anything we do. Only one level of engagement almost guarantees success: it is the commitment that you can offer to a task / activity at work and this can be considered as the maximum level that someone is engaged to until the expected outcome is achieved.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


It is something that both parties hate to do, it is something unavoidable though, it will happen at some point in anyone's career. It is always initiated by the employee (if you know something different this will be a global exception), it is not a pleasant situation since there must be a reason for requesting negotiation for the one party and for the other party there must be a very well proposition / opposition:

  1. either to satisfy partially or fully the request(s) or 
  2. not to demotivate you if there will be a "diplomatic rejection" of the request for the specific period.
Negotiation does not always have losers or winners, the best is to have a balanced situation. Usually this can happen when there is good timing for both parties, good argumentsm, faith and persuasive skills.