Friday, 24 August 2012

Problem Solving is a priceless asset.

Problems do arise to all, sometimes often to some, rarely for others, it depends but it happens to all and this is a fact. What is common to all problems though, is the need for solution.

The art to provide solution to a problem is Problem Solving. The ability to provide solution is priceless, it is an asset so much valuable that has the power to increase Traffic, reputation and if you want growth as an individual or at a corporate level it has some marketing and sales power as well!

Having the ability to solve problems then you are an important individual/firm or corporation for the individual/firm or corporation having the problem.

As a solution provider you will be awarded, you will be referenced you will be a valuable resource.

If you want to seek the origin of sales, you will find out that most of the selling products or services do have a problem solving "message" accompanying them.

"If you cannot convince someone to buy a product you produce or a service you provide, you won't manage to sell it."

Problem solving has marketing and sales power, as its characteristics Popularity, Reliability, Cost effectiveness have strong impact when the solution provided satisfies the individual/firm or corporation requesting a solution to a problem. That makes it even more priceless asset for the individual/firm or corporation possessing the ability to provide solution.

I believe that Selling of products and services can be separated in two categories strictly:

1. Sales that are initiated from individuals/firms or corporations only for fun, Leisure, (e.g. dining, clothes, shoes, holidays, parties, ) and
2. Sales that are conducted from individuals/firms or corporations forced by needs or problems.
For the second category, (sales performed by needs and problems), two more sub categories can be also recognized:

  a) Those sales deriving from an actual need or problem (e.g. the financial results announced in the end of quarter, below predictions, hire a consultant to return the plan on track again) or
  b) Those sales arising by a forecast or prediction that there might be a need or problem (e.g. Antivirus, you don't have viruses, but you get one to protect your PC, for not become infected).

"If you cannot convince that your product or service can provide a solution to a problem/need then sales are going to suffer!"

Problem solving is a priceless asset for the individual/firm or corporation possessing this ability, as other individuals/firms or corporations need solution to their problems and requirements.

It should be mentioned here also that by having a problem or a need that have not fulfilled yet, results to a cost. A cost in money or other assets, energy lost from reources. Effective Problem Solving has immediate impact on cutting costs, as it can stop or decrease the unnecessary flow of expenditure on problematic processes that are in place before a solution is provided.

Problem solving is becoming more priceless if it will be considered from a marketing spectrum, as it can become responsible for increasing traffic and sales.

"Everybody will buy a selling product or service if the solution to a problem is guaranteed and the coverage of a need is satisfied."

Guarantee and satisfaction is a different topic, as you need to have the ability to convince and guarantee that the solution provided is the right one for the individual/firm or corporation interested!

It seems though that sales increase when there are more problems/needs, so the better an individual/firm or corporation deals with a problem the better satisfaction is returned to the individual/form or corporation requesting the solution to a problem.

This is the key point for returning traffic back, efficient Problem Solving, a priceless asset for an individual/firm or corporation.

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