Thursday, 16 August 2012

Modelling Early Warning Systems

An Early Warning System, commonly abbreviated as EWS, is an essential tool for a great number of activities, as it is a way to warn in advance -earlier- people for dangerous situations not following the right course!

Dangerous situations can occur from typhoons that can be predicted by Early Warning Systems or activities not following the right course in a plan can be also traced by Early Warning system and alert accordingly.

An Early warning System is not necessarily a software program can be a procedure that actually monitors conditions, activities, tasks, with the use of other tools.

Keeping on track businesses, by taking measure on an early warning signal can occur by an Early warning system that should be in operating mode at all times, collecting data so to compose a report and IF conditions are not satisfied to early warn!

Being in the advance position to safeguard whole regions by an expected typhoon or extreme weather conditions can occur by the reception of an early warning signal as well by a meteorological EWS.

Early warning systems, are used in health, for military operations, in Economics and are considered valuable tools for decision making.

This is an introductory post for a matter that will be discussed in detail in the near future.

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