Saturday, 16 June 2012

The "Produce before you Consume" rule

The other days, i read somewhere the phrase "produce before you consume", unfortunately i drafted the moto and not the media that i read about it so to cite. However allow me to add some thinking on this as well.

It is a short but very powerful and meaningful phrase, that hides in it a message of how the game is being played! It is a whole philosophy within that phrase and shows the way we should see production of a good/service and the consumption of it!
A post about content production preceding the consumption of Information by George Michelis

Since the two words in italics above are applicable in a variety of activities, i would focus on a simple production line: writing! Writing on the the Internet is the production activity of providing content to users who on their turn are consuming it. So let's see how this "produce before you consume" rule is applied.

What most people do while connected with the Internet? The vast majority consumes information that exists in various websites/blogs. The people that actually produce content for the Internet is the minority. This is something that is not subject of criticism, is a fact that must be stated.

Now let's see something else: thinking of production and not consumption, how is it possible to produce something in order to be shared for the others? Well, if you possess the knowledge for a topic and you can write about it then you can produce very well content, that could become a reference point helpful for others.

In order to manage doing this you should follow exactly the "produce before you consume" phrase, and this is only for one and only one reason: "consuming' information on the Internet makes you a "receiver" of huge amount of data on various topics, most of the times disorienting you from the original target of your browsing user experience.

Disorientation while browsing content on the Internet is the common affect for a lot of people, usually when there is lack of experience using it, or there is no persistence on the reason of their visit. So writers/publishers is important to invest time to produce content for the Internet, before actually start to consume as well!

Consuming content before producing some, results to a lower level of capability for you, in order to claim uniqueness, originality and authenticity of new content. Therefore if we want to have a specific rule for content writing on the Internet, the phrase would be "Produce content before you consume information on the Internet ". With this way it is clearly stated what makes a person to write a good post with added value for his topic.

What are your thoughts about the "Produce before you consume" rule?

Tip1: I used to go offline sometimes and this is my most productive time, as my own thoughts "orbit" around me, try it also.

Tip2: Think how applicable this phrase is for other activities of our day life, can you think other(s)?

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