Friday, 1 June 2012

The power of perception - ways to be managed

Imagining or even living the reality you want has to do with perception. It is being experienced differently for each person, it has great power as it can control feelings, influence decisions. Perception has the ability to transform a picture from black to white, without actually changing the colour, looking it from a different angle, while the picture remains black, you start to see white.

Usually the perception people have on objects, feelings, logical expressions that come across in our day life have a unique meaning and definition for each one of us each time.

The management of perception is considered an ability, that quite often is used in the Business / Politics to influence decisions about to be made, become a strong argument for those already made.

The level of power that is being exercised is considered significant enough, so capable of changing the way we previously thought about progress, circumstances, states or behaviours.

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