Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Do you seek for a reason to post? 6 Reasons to consider!

This is not a post to persuade people just to write publicly because lots of people does it. It is a post aiming to share the knowledge and the experience of writing in public all these years, for people thinking to blog, who still haven't found the main reason.

Going right away on the reasons:

1. Blogging can defuse someone, by allowing to share thoughts and communicate with other people. It can increase self esteem.  Blogging posts, writing articles which are being published and shared with million of users on the Internet is a broadcast of you, regardless of the topic you cover. Its your foot pint on the digital world! This is the first reason that i personally started to blog!

2. Writing and publishing your thoughts and ideas eventually proves to be a very good way to create your personal repository of your own expressions and way of thinking. You can any time search for them, reference and consult. This is true since when you write something for a blog, usually it is not a draft note that you just don't want to be shared with others.

A blog post is the very best of you written in structured way covering a specific topic(s) each time. Posts are organised in a logical form usually so to be able to retrieve information easily.

Think of it: how many times haven't you thought something that you would like to develop on, or further thought about it, but instead of storing it somewhere, it was vanished from your mind-thoughts-list suddenly!

Having write about a subject in structured way, proves to be a very good reference, first of all for yourself. You can recall your thoughts, when you feel that you can start working with it or when you discover that the information that exists in an old post can be reused actually, either as it is or combined with something new.

3. Publishing articles related with your profession, can increases your popularity which is good for your career. It is believed that blogging from professionals, regardless of the expertise, improves recognition among others. This is applicable especially for people that work on a corporation, writing on a blog gives them credibility especially when done right.

4. Blogging improves communication skills. It is proven to be ideal for people wanting to increase the skill of conveying information to others. People having roles related with sales, e.g promoting ideas, skills, knowledge, selling services or products need to have good communication skills. Practising to communicate is a good step to improve this skill, and by blogging you are actually communicate in a form.

5. Sharing your ideas and thoughts is about caring also others. In the ICT sector without collaboration there is no way someone to interconnect the pieces of the puzzle of a micro frame! So whoever has information and knowledge that can be shared -not of course sensitive e.g corporate- that can help others, is a good reason to start blogging for it!

6. If your profession is not a journalist, then you have the opportunity to feel like being one, not necessarily targeting this to be your profession or making your living out of it. The world has been evolved amazingly the last decades, one of the reasons that this evolution happened, was due to the constant exchange and sharing of information between people with books and magazines and any kind of other paper publications
"Blogging is the digital way of publishing nowadays!"
What do you think about these reasons? Do you have some other reasons that you feel should have been added?

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