Friday, 8 June 2012

10 Reasons why the surrounding environment affects your quality of work

This is something that i had never thought to write about seriously, there was a short glimpse sometime in the past to a relevant topic but never made me think that this topic can be or will be supported by me.

And here you are, me writing today for the surrounding environment that affects all of us, from any place anyone might be located, working, enjoying life.

Let me define what i mean by surrounding environment so all to know the frame that i will try to be in while explaining the reasons. 

Some paradigms of what can be considered as a "Surrounding environment": 
  • the environment next to your office desk at work, 
  • the people that sit next to you 
  • the disturbing noise you might hear at work, 
  • the view from your window at work or from your home, 
  • the building and the area where your work or home is located, 
  • the traffic you hit on the road every morning, 
  • the hug and the kisses from your wife and child before you go to work every morning, 
  • the quality of news you hear on TV each night, 
  • the political stability in your region, 
  • the fears you have about global climate and the world's peace!
Each one of the above examples have a good or bad affect on a person, so according to the level of exposure and the frequency you live with them, you increase or decrease the good or bad influence on you, on your work and its quality and your personal life 

It is a rather lengthy list and a rather a bit of everything, but this is what actually is happening: all of them and even more, different but more for everyone shape the surrounding environment that someone should place him/herself in order to produce work, and in order to be precise work that has quality in it! It is a matter of perception and this differs among people.

I will focus on the reasons that surrounding environment plays significant role in the quality of work, which in extension of that it also affects personal lives, family and friends so this is not something strictly about work, it is extended to precious moments outside work !

1. Frequent distraction in your working place by phone calls or loud discussions next to your office can affect the quality of your work.

2. Bad influence by people, working in the same location, usually delays or postpones tasks that were planned otherwise.

3. Your office location is close to low frequency noise signals, this has a bad affect, the opposite if your office does not receive or is not near to any noise source.

4. The only thing you can view from your office desk is walls around you, a corridor and a window in a 30 metres distance, imagine instead of that more windows around and close to you, seeing the sea, a forest or a mountain.

5. Your work premises are located in an old warehouse, was refurbished to become a new modern complex of offices. Instead imagine a modern building prepared with restrooms, playgrounds for staff and family members.

6. The traffic jams you hit every morning can influence your attitude for the rest of the day, choose an alternative rout to work or home once in a while.

7. Your morning hug and kiss from your wife and child, DO NOT CHANGE THAT NO MATTER WHAT! It's your life, gives you energy and makes you rolling!

8. Now how about reading a book, listen to some music instead of seeing these bad announcement and news on TV just before prime time? Certainly will make you feel better for tomorrow's day

9. A reason that is not so easy to "manage": political stability - that's a surrounding environment also- which i call it quite a "frame", which we have to live with in and for which we have the ability to interact when we elect and sometimes while protest. Try to be a political being, think positive, try to solve, than to create or declare problems!

10. Last but not least: a common surrounding environment that we all live in, planet earth, act today and every day in order not to destroy it's climate and people to live together without the need to divide. This is inheritance for the coming generation and the next ones!

Living in the 21st century, with literally minimised distances, and the quick way of living, there are lots of things, giving shape to a surrounding environment for every one of us.

Try to "shape" your surrounding environment as you have been dreaming of it, will be good for your work, your life will benefit from it!

Interested to see what are your thoughts for a matter that is not so frequently covered.

Going to fine tune my surrounding environments for now :-)

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