Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What is your blog's unique market proposition?

This a critical question that every blog owner, entrepreneur on Internet has to answer if (s)he respects the effort that (s)he has planned to consume and most importantly the visitors that will at least visit it once at any time.

There is need your blog, your Internet idea to have uniqueness in its constructing elements, in order to consist a unique proposition for any potential visitor. 

The below questions need to be answered from any potential blogger in order to determine if the attempt to own a recognisable blog has enough positive odds to be a success story: 

  • "is the content of the blog unique so to have visitors experiencing the site?"
  • "is the content offering entertainment, information to the user?"
  • ....
These are indicative questions, but very crucial in managing an answer, by this you will reveal how unique is the idea and the identity of the blog in a regional or global scale,  among million others that might offer the same or similar content, products or services.

You should always think of the following and be able to answer:

-What is my site offering?
-What is my target group?
-What should be my "Publishing frequency"?

If there are clear answers to the above questions then the possibilities having a successful case study on the Internet are increased for sure. This is a very fundamental crossroad for anyone seeking to have a blog -unique enough- among million others, managing answers to the above and similar questions increases the probability to have a success. 

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