Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Thoughts literally written on the cloud, time to be landed.

When you want to do something different from what eventually you do ... just do it! Do it because it is more likely to become happier and perhaps more successful. If what you want to do is more than one, see your capacity, “measure” your strength decide if you can manage them all or leave out what is second priority.
There are always priorities, don’t forget that.
Share your thoughts first with your family and friends, consider their feedback, receive their support.

Take this as an advice: if you tend to postpone something that you very truly want to do, in the end is very likely to regret it and become a missing opportunity.

Timing is another important factor, don’t forget that, as also there are coincidences and luck of course. Think also that trying gives strength and energy, expands your interest for new things.

Life has competencies, requires luck, belief in what you do, there are risks (low/high it doesn’t matter, -what hasn’t?-), but in the end the journey is that matters, right? Managing and balancing them sufficiently will make you succeed in one way or another.

Persist and of course enjoy what you always do, it is better than quitting or even not enjoying what you actually do! Think of that:
most people don’t really persist or do what really want.
I always wanted to write articles, stories, thought that I had the ability to transmit knowledge and thoughts to others.  This blog and its articles is an “experiment” to that. There is a beauty when writing and believe me is better when you do that on paper, it's like a painting consisting of your thoughts on the canvas.

Of course without the Internet, this could never become item for publicity, so in the end the electronic version reaches you!

In order to harvest and taste the fruits of your work, I sues someone has to prepare the soil first and systematically cultivate the seeds, can’t think of a different more productive process.

Making reality your dreams and ambitions is never too late and never too early, it should be just in the right time and this is totally a subjective matter for each individual. Just a note here:
It is the surrounding environment –always- that will give you the stimuli to work more and better. 
The surrounding environment is certainly the next-soon to come subject for discussion in the near future.

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