Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Optimise Web Positioning - SEO techniques

This is not the first article about Search Engine Optimisation, neither the last! SEO is the practise to achieve better positioning on the results of a web search engine. 

It is a practise that continuously evolves in order to achieve as much as possible relative results for every keyword or phrase searched in the Internet.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and so many other search engines are "crawling" daily numerous times the entire web to "collect" and position new URLs , links etc or to re-position existing ones depending on the keywords, the familiarity of them with the context of the web page, the similarity with a possible search combination etc.

This sounds simple but it isn't. There is quite an algorithm for each search engine in order to determine the positioning of a web element.

I will try to illustrate five of the most common techniques below
  1. The URL of a blog uses part of a key phrase that constantly will be used as a keyword or a key phrase in a published article or part of the content n a web page; 
  2. Meta data: Keywords and phrases separated by comma, tagged with the article to be as relative as possible to the content of the web page;
  3. Include part of the keywords and phrases set as meta data in the content of the web page, increases familiarity parameter;
  4. Define Alias for your article(s), the alias is transformed as the URL extension of the article e.g if article is about Search engine optimisation, instead of it is better to have;
  5. Submit your site map, structure of your blog as the search engine's instructing via their corresponding tool, to ease the categorisation and positioning of your blog.
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