Thursday, 3 May 2012

How the definition of a Target Group influences Quality and Quantity criteria?

The Internet has enormous possibilities and opportunities to seek and invest for, however there is need to target the group of people that is most likely to visit your blog, interested in your content and become the modest readers of your posts.

It is wiser to narrow down your target group, offer expertise to a specific field of interest, focusing on  less but targeted content.

The value of a small target group of people visiting your blog, interested in your content -and believe me if there is a good reason you will be visited again and again- is greater than having a larger target group of people that very often will visit once and not come back again, which is the likely scenario for the majority of all failed attempts.

Increasing traffic is not everything , there are quantitative and qualitative criteria, for which most of the times the lack of orientation, and the lack of a defined target group there is not pretty much discrimination between those two criteria. And this really matters, a success story has always Quality and Quantity involved, the catch is to receive the Quantity of visitors you need in order to satisfy the Quality of outcome you seek.

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