Thursday, 3 May 2012

Marketing Techniques - Inspiring Keywords

Some inspiring keywords that I try to cope with, have you thought yours?

The definition of the set of keywords to be used in an article in a blog or if you prefer more generally "in an Internet Presence" is a very critical step in the building process of making your presence known to people.

Keywords allow the Search engines to categorise the content of an article or a whole blog according to the relevance those two combinations have. It is not the only technique as there are whole algorithms created, fine tuned - in a never ending process for better performance each time. 

It is considered though that the relevance of the keywords "tagged" to some content, with the correlation of title and URL to be the TOP criterion to have a good positioning, better to say ranking. 

there are other criteria of course, like how many inbound links there are for your article or blog, making it popular etc, however i tend to believe that this is of a lower significance as if the appropriate set of keywords have been created, then the rest will come eventually.

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