Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Become a reliable and popular source of information

Trying to start a new blog, adding staff that someone will come over again and again to read?

There are plenty of techniques that someone can follow to "drive" popularity, and bring visitors to a blog.

There is something that is simple but very important at the same time: popularity on the web can be achieved if the contents of your blog are helpful to the visitors.

A blog can be listed in someones favourites list, only if it contains helpful staff, wouldn't you agree?

In order to be helpful and become source for someone visiting your site / blog, the content and the information you publish  have to prove that as an author you posses information for it, you are actually copywriting and not copypasting from somewhere else!

Of course there is always consultation, searching around on other sites, articles for the same subject, seeing how other people feel and write about the matter in subject. By any means this is considered as something that needs to be done! Knowing positions from others on a subject will help you determine your position, well argue about it, making your content authentic, having your signature.

So second most important thing is to prove that you are reliable as an author and as a publisher. Reliability nowadays - due to security threats, frauds, etc- has become another key element, an important factor for the majority of visitors while selecting a blog to visit it for a second or a third time, needless to say while adding it in the favourites list!

Believe it or not the most popular blogs / web sites are not state of the art designed, or do not necessarily include the latest Web technologies or trends , they might even lack the use of widgets, however they do achieve popularity and visits again and again, because of the content and the help they offer. Combine that with reliability, there you have it!

Of course design has its own weight and importance in a blog's life, so a design meeting high standards on user experience first of all, achieving "stickiness" due to hi-res graphics will better balance the overall blog's performance.

So TOP tips for increasing the possibilities of your attempt to have a success story on the Web: try to have content helpful for your visitors, prove that you deserved to be a reliable source of information to be followed frequently.

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