Sunday, 29 April 2012

A brief introduction to Software Testing

I must admit -although- that i considered myself a professional in the ICT sector, "serving" for some years now the process (as titled in the article), there are many people in the industry that still do not value the importance of it, ignoring the benefits out of it, looking the costs in the short term, instead of the revenue returned in the mid and long period ahead. 

The process of Testing and the quality that comes out of it, costs, it is "expensive", it has a rather demanding "implementation" in the Software Development Life Cycle, if it is to be used as a independent service accompanying the Software Analysis and the Software Development.

For the ICT industry and for the companies that are pioneers nowadays in the supply of software, whether it is applicable to air crafts and aerospace components, automobiles, medical appliances, entertainment devices, trading platforms, etc. 

Software testing is considered a very serious and important activity as it is responsible to assure that a system after or during "a user's experience" is not going to fail, causing loss of information, malfunction, interruption of service, even accidents that in some cases could result even in loss of life!

This introductory article is an attempt to show the importance and maybe become a point of reference of a series of additional articles on software testing. Software Testing, is closely related with quality, it is revealing weaknesses and overall compliance of a software system with expected user and system requirements.

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