Sunday, 29 April 2012

A brief introduction to Software Testing

I must admit -although- that i considered myself a professional in the ICT sector, "serving" for some years now the process (as titled in the article), there are many people in the industry that still do not value the importance of it, ignoring the benefits out of it, looking the costs in the short term, instead of the revenue returned in the mid and long period ahead. 

The process of Testing and the quality that comes out of it, costs, it is "expensive", it has a rather demanding "implementation" in the Software Development Life Cycle, if it is to be used as a independent service accompanying the Software Analysis and the Software Development.

An emerging industry - The Art of Infographics

The traditional pie charts, bar graphs and any other old fashioned graphical representation of data has become a rather not trendy way nowadays to present results, facts and figures in order to irritate people reading and further analysing them. 

The new trend is the so-called "infographics" that visualise data in various forms, capable enough to "shake the water", passing the message to the targeted audience.

Info graphics do not deal with "easy" staff usually, the concept for them is dealing with unusual or complex things and ideas most of the times. 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Importance of Quality Metrics in brief

We are living in a world that quality is the A and the Z for: a firm that seek to boost its competitiveness and for a product to become a success story. 

Quality metrics are VIP "elements" in the ICT sector, the analysis and the "data mining" on industrial - operational figures, results of test campaigns, historical data from numerous every day Business life cycles or from scheduled activities with measured performance outcome, consist a tremendous valuable asset for the Operations Research within every organization.

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