Friday, 24 August 2012

Problem Solving is a priceless asset.

Problems do arise to all, sometimes often to some, rarely for others, it depends but it happens to all and this is a fact. What is common to all problems though, is the need for solution.

The art to provide solution to a problem is Problem Solving. The ability to provide solution is priceless, it is an asset so much valuable that has the power to increase Traffic, reputation and if you want growth as an individual or at a corporate level it has some marketing and sales power as well!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Modelling Early Warning Systems

An Early Warning System, commonly abbreviated as EWS, is an essential tool for a great number of activities, as it is a way to warn in advance -earlier- people for dangerous situations not following the right course!

Dangerous situations can occur from typhoons that can be predicted by Early Warning Systems or activities not following the right course in a plan can be also traced by Early Warning system and alert accordingly.

Friday, 10 August 2012

What makes a report good?

Communicating results, achievements, progress or status to anybody for any reason requires experience and  the necessary flexibility to adjust the perspective you want to give.

There are quite often and for many cases situations where the obvious is not the logic thing to be exposed, instead focusing on certain areas or sections of a report might be the desired.

In most of the cases - if not to all - focusing on parts of the report always depends on the group audience that the report is shipped to.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Story of Famous Logos

Logo design for any brand name is the top of the notch, it has the highest visibility to consumers / potential customers. It should be easily recognisable, responsible for driving traffic back.

I came across a very interesting post, which I am sharing below, including very well known brand names with their logo designs, having 2 important characteristics to all of them: high recognition, hidden messages promoting the origin of the brand name.

Enjoy at:


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Motivation, the essential ingredient for creativity

Asking anyone about the motives in their work, you will probably get the famous answer: money! Is it though all about money? It is the money of course but it is not the only motive.

Making some quantitative and qualitative analysis in these answers, -the more answers you will get the better-, you will realise that money is not or does not have the same weight for all people.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

7 measures for effective and efficient Test Case Design

Working in the ICT sector for a decade now, having a professional role in Software Testing, I must say that I have seen lots of variations of how a test case looks like, so imagine how much effectiveness and efficiency it was experienced :-).

Let's start first with the very basics: What is a Test Case? 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Do you seek for a reason to post? 6 Reasons to consider!

This is not a post to persuade people just to write publicly because lots of people does it. It is a post aiming to share the knowledge and the experience of writing in public all these years, for people thinking to blog, who still haven't found the main reason.

Going right away on the reasons:

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The "Produce before you Consume" rule

The other days, i read somewhere the phrase "produce before you consume", unfortunately i drafted the moto and not the media that i read about it so to cite. However allow me to add some thinking on this as well.

It is a short but very powerful and meaningful phrase, that hides in it a message of how the game is being played! It is a whole philosophy within that phrase and shows the way we should see production of a good/service and the consumption of it!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is really Internet running out?

The discussions about the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 has started for some time now, actually there have been some years already that planning is made. Why? IPv4 is the 4th version of Internet protocol actually managing the IP addresses which can be 255 digits long and this has a certain capacity: 4 billion addresses can be used!

For someone this figure looks amazing, and maybe large enough to say: exaggeration! No it is not an exaggeration if you think the number of different electronic devices that we use daily all of them connected on the Internet.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Good Planning is fundamental for successful Project Management

Planning is an important key point in order to have a successful Project management. It is something fundamental for managing projects even for small scale ones. Planning is the art to connect tasks and activities, assigned them to resources, over time.

An efficient planning is one that is constructed without causing conflicts and the progress of the activities is happening smooth. A good planning is the planning that is capable of orchestrating all of the above, achieving the best outcome within time limits, with proper utilisation of resources and at the same time not consuming more budget that originally predicted.

Friday, 8 June 2012

10 Reasons why the surrounding environment affects your quality of work

This is something that i had never thought to write about seriously, there was a short glimpse sometime in the past to a relevant topic but never made me think that this topic can be or will be supported by me.

And here you are, me writing today for the surrounding environment that affects all of us, from any place anyone might be located, working, enjoying life.

Let me define what i mean by surrounding environment so all to know the frame that i will try to be in while explaining the reasons. 

Some paradigms of what can be considered as a "Surrounding environment": 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Web design Tips using great graphics and themes

Going back in years, remembering the endless nights spent for designing the skeleton of a site, then coding it and then "dressing" it with images made in Photoshop, makes me saying: "why Joomla, Drupal and WordPress" took so long to become what is currently considered "hot" in the web design?

Of course a site without good graphics nowadays is like a house without walls, paint, furniture and all these good equipments, so for every good to excellent rated website a good graphics package MUST be selected.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Decision making models, a necessity to help you "shape" the future

These models are not something new, as a procedure "Decision making" exists since the time that the first human had to choose between A and B, not recalling exactly the date, imagine how far back in time i have deliberately travelled you though.

As we progressed in time, among others that were revolutionised, decision making also was improved and instead of having to choose between A and B in the simplistic example above, more complicated things, circumstances, questions and problems were in need of the best decision to be made.

There are plenty of situations that a decision is required, the importance of it may vary, the weight of the impact might be also different depending on the decisions made.

Friday, 1 June 2012

The power of perception - ways to be managed

Imagining or even living the reality you want has to do with perception. It is being experienced differently for each person, it has great power as it can control feelings, influence decisions. Perception has the ability to transform a picture from black to white, without actually changing the colour, looking it from a different angle, while the picture remains black, you start to see white.

Usually the perception people have on objects, feelings, logical expressions that come across in our day life have a unique meaning and definition for each one of us each time.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Thoughts literally written on the cloud, time to be landed.

When you want to do something different from what eventually you do ... just do it! Do it because it is more likely to become happier and perhaps more successful. If what you want to do is more than one, see your capacity, “measure” your strength decide if you can manage them all or leave out what is second priority.
There are always priorities, don’t forget that.
Share your thoughts first with your family and friends, consider their feedback, receive their support.

Take this as an advice: if you tend to postpone something that you very truly want to do, in the end is very likely to regret it and become a missing opportunity.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Strategic Thinking for Strategic Planning

Thinking is the state of the mind that produces thoughts and ideas among others.
Strategic Thinking could be defined then thoughts and ideas that are produced by having in mind the best "implementation" and "positioning" of those thoughts and ideas.
Strategic Planning does not exist without Strategic Thinking, Strategic Thinking can exist without Strategic Planning.

A good plan requires time, resources, finest detail on tasks description, and finally orchestration of all, with no overlaps occurring, setting up the targets and the milestones.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Become a reliable and popular source of information

Trying to start a new blog, adding staff that someone will come over again and again to read?

There are plenty of techniques that someone can follow to "drive" popularity, and bring visitors to a blog.

There is something that is simple but very important at the same time: popularity on the web can be achieved if the contents of your blog are helpful to the visitors.

A blog can be listed in someones favourites list, only if it contains helpful staff, wouldn't you agree?

Friday, 4 May 2012

Statistical models for the polls of the French and Greek elections under "test" on 06th May 2012

There are numerous polls performed before the election date, having always an approximation -safety net- used (+/-), since every poll is based on a result produced on a certain time and condition, most of the times the estimations made are coming after, severe processing of answers to multiple questions.

The answers given might reveal: emotions (that can be "translated" but also "manipulated), there can be political/religious beliefs taken out of specific -targeted- questions, there can be even class stratification , from answers like: "what is your occupation", "what is the area of residence", "how many days a year you plan and go on vacations", etc.

The construction of such results is based on statistical "models", that are being used in an exit poll and are going to be "stressed out" this coming Sunday 06th of May having two very important election rights to follow.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

How the definition of a Target Group influences Quality and Quantity criteria?

The Internet has enormous possibilities and opportunities to seek and invest for, however there is need to target the group of people that is most likely to visit your blog, interested in your content and become the modest readers of your posts.

It is wiser to narrow down your target group, offer expertise to a specific field of interest, focusing on  less but targeted content.

The value of a small target group of people visiting your blog, interested in your content -and believe me if there is a good reason you will be visited again and again- is greater than having a larger target group of people that very often will visit once and not come back again, which is the likely scenario for the majority of all failed attempts.

Marketing Techniques - Inspiring Keywords

Some inspiring keywords that I try to cope with, have you thought yours?

The definition of the set of keywords to be used in an article in a blog or if you prefer more generally "in an Internet Presence" is a very critical step in the building process of making your presence known to people.

Keywords allow the Search engines to categorise the content of an article or a whole blog according to the relevance those two combinations have. It is not the only technique as there are whole algorithms created, fine tuned - in a never ending process for better performance each time. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Optimise Web Positioning - SEO techniques

This is not the first article about Search Engine Optimisation, neither the last! SEO is the practise to achieve better positioning on the results of a web search engine. 

It is a practise that continuously evolves in order to achieve as much as possible relative results for every keyword or phrase searched in the Internet.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and so many other search engines are "crawling" daily numerous times the entire web to "collect" and position new URLs , links etc or to re-position existing ones depending on the keywords, the familiarity of them with the context of the web page, the similarity with a possible search combination etc.

This sounds simple but it isn't. There is quite an algorithm for each search engine in order to determine the positioning of a web element.

What is your blog's unique market proposition?

This a critical question that every blog owner, entrepreneur on Internet has to answer if (s)he respects the effort that (s)he has planned to consume and most importantly the visitors that will at least visit it once at any time.

There is need your blog, your Internet idea to have uniqueness in its constructing elements, in order to consist a unique proposition for any potential visitor. 

The below questions need to be answered from any potential blogger in order to determine if the attempt to own a recognisable blog has enough positive odds to be a success story: 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Quick thought about the art of Listening

There is nothing wiser in a conversation to listen first and then starting to argue, whether you agree or disagree.

People feel better when their opinion or problems can be heard first and the full thought of someone is expressed, the listener can then decide, conclude on which points to argue. 

A spherical view can be formed that can save time, misunderstandings are avoided and most of all: it shows respect on the conversation's participants. Enhance you skills in listening by not talking when someone is speaking to you. 

Disruptions are never good.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

A brief introduction to Software Testing

I must admit -although- that i considered myself a professional in the ICT sector, "serving" for some years now the process (as titled in the article), there are many people in the industry that still do not value the importance of it, ignoring the benefits out of it, looking the costs in the short term, instead of the revenue returned in the mid and long period ahead. 

The process of Testing and the quality that comes out of it, costs, it is "expensive", it has a rather demanding "implementation" in the Software Development Life Cycle, if it is to be used as a independent service accompanying the Software Analysis and the Software Development.

An emerging industry - The Art of Infographics

The traditional pie charts, bar graphs and any other old fashioned graphical representation of data has become a rather not trendy way nowadays to present results, facts and figures in order to irritate people reading and further analysing them. 

The new trend is the so-called "infographics" that visualise data in various forms, capable enough to "shake the water", passing the message to the targeted audience.

Info graphics do not deal with "easy" staff usually, the concept for them is dealing with unusual or complex things and ideas most of the times. 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Importance of Quality Metrics in brief

We are living in a world that quality is the A and the Z for: a firm that seek to boost its competitiveness and for a product to become a success story. 

Quality metrics are VIP "elements" in the ICT sector, the analysis and the "data mining" on industrial - operational figures, results of test campaigns, historical data from numerous every day Business life cycles or from scheduled activities with measured performance outcome, consist a tremendous valuable asset for the Operations Research within every organization.

A relevant article to read also: A brief introduction to Software Testing